Navigating property matters during a divorce can be complex, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach. It's essential to assess your unique circumstances, considering both emotional and financial aspects.

Navigate Your Divorce With Care

We offer valuations that assist attorneys in understanding property values, housing market conditions, timelines, and potential capital gains taxes related to the sale proceeds. This information can be invaluable in making informed decisions during divorce proceedings.

Additionally, hiring an experienced Realtor who understands both shared common goals and how to navigate high-conflict situations can be beneficial. They can help facilitate a smoother process and work towards reaching mutually agreeable solutions for both parties involved. Some options that are considered are:


Sell the house and divide the proceeds

- Walk away with money.

- Who does what to repair or prepare the house for sale.

- Clean break, financially speaking.

Transfer the Title to one spouse and refinance

Typically one spouse buys out the other.

Interest rate risk and higher payment risk.

Keep your credit high, maintain paying bills.

Keep the house with its current sole owner

Shared property and ownership claim.

Prenuptial agreements.

Continue sharing the home

Separate parts of house for sharing.

Children continuity and custody.

Let The Judge Decide

If you can’t decided the court will.

Costly attorney will take money from both parties.

Sit down and discuss terms of give and take.
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